7 Reasons to Build a Fence for Your Family

1. Child Safety

One of the top reasons homeowners choose to install fences is to keep their children safe. There’s no better feeling than allowing your children to explore the outdoors without having to worry about keeping them from running into a street, talking with strangers, etc. With a fence in your yard, you can create a controlled environment where your children can safely play while you have time to attend to your own to-do list.

2. Pet Safety

Just like with children, you can’t keep an eye on your pets 24/7, but you also probably don’t want to confine your pup to the kennel every time you leave home or have to attend to something that requires your complete attention. Fences are a great way to allow your dog to expend his energy while you’re at work or whenever you don’t have time to walk your pet. Fences are the perfect and hassle-free way to be a responsible pet owner.

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3. Garden Protection

Using a fence to protect your children and pets is a given, but what about using a fence to protect your garden? As any vegetable or flower gardeners know, a healthy garden requires much more than sunlight and soil to thrive. It requires protection from the elements, from insects, from rabbits and other wildlife, and, if you have pets, potentially from your own dog or cat! Hedging a garden in is an excellent way to protect it.


4. Privacy

Aside from protecting children and pets, privacy is likely the biggest motivator for homeowners buying fences. Whether you want an enclosed space to read a book in the sun, enjoy a private pool, host a party, or simply maintain your yard the way you want to, a fence is the best and easiest way to visually screen your yard.

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5. Market Value

Even if you don’t personally have children, pets, or a garden to protect, and even if privacy isn’t your top concern, the chances are high that your home’s next buyer will consider a fence a “must-have” for one of these reasons. If you’re looking to move in the next five years, installing a fence is an inexpensive and fast way to instantly boost your Denver, CO, home’s market value.


6. Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Do you remember long road trips as a child with your siblings in the back of the car? The first rule of peace and concord was always establishing boundary lines to delineate personal spaces. The same principle applies with neighbors. Even if you have excellent neighbors, relationships are always best where boundaries are clear. There’s a reason that Robert Frost said, “good fences make good neighbours.”


7. They Look Good!

Finally, if you don’t have a practical “reason” for getting a fence, let beauty be reason enough. Like a frame around a painting, a well-paired fence works wonders in highlighting and showing off your lawn and home as a whole to its best advantage. Start a conversation with us today to find out which fence is right for you.