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There’s no question that Colorado is a popular place to live. In fact, according to worldpopulationreview.com, we live in the second-fastest growing state in the United States. Much of that growth has taken place along Colorado's Front Range.  People living here know that part of the attraction is the interaction residents have with wildlife and easy access to a variety of outdoor activities. That means the need for protective (and attractive) fencing has grown with the population. We're pleased to say that the Split Rail Fence & Supply Company now serves more Colorado areas than ever before!

Was Your Fence Damaged During the 2019 Colorado Bomb Cyclone?

Even if you made it through the recent bomb cyclone that hammered Colorado in March, there’s a chance that the fence on your property didn’t. Winds that approached 100 MPH can do a lot of damage. Was your fence damaged during the recent Colorado bomb cyclone? If so, what’s the best way to repair it?

Choosing a New Fence: 8 Types of Fencing Compared

You’ve heard the old adage: “Good fences make good neighbors.” But what if your Colorado home doesn’t already have a fence? If you’re a Colorado homeowner in need of a new fence, where do you begin to gather information? We’d like to help you think through the process a bit. And we don’t want you to have to settle for a “good” fence when you can have a great fence that will look fantastic and last for years.

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Denver Fence

What Should I Do to Ensure a Strong Fence?

Like any other feature in your home or yard, your fence requires maintenance. You may not know, however, that ensuring a healthy fence depends largely on preventative rather than corrective care, regardless of your fence type.

What does preventive fence care involve?

How to Prepare for Your Attendance at the Denver Home Show

A Bit About the Denver Home Show

If you haven’t been to the Denver Home Show before, let 2019 be your year to explore! For one weekend only, you can chat with hundreds of home improvement experts like Split Rail Fence and Supply Company and view several new home products across multiple categories.

A Vast Variety of Vinyl Fence Styles

When most people think of vinyl fences, they likely picture only one product. But in recent years, industry leading manufacturers have made great strides in producing a vast variety of vinyl fence styles and colors, all with the durability, cost effectiveness, and nearly maintenance-free benefits that homeowners have come to associate with high-quality vinyl. Just like the clothes you wear, the vinyl fence style and color you choose for your home reflects your personality, so be sure to entertain all your options before making a decision.

Friendly Fences for Colorado’s Wildlife

Whether as HOAs or ranchers and farmers, most of us pick out fences based on how their appearance and functionality suit our own needs. In residential areas, we consider which fence will add the most curb appeal, require the least amount of maintenance, add the most visual and acoustic privacy, and give our children and pets a safe place to play. In rural areas where we keep our own livestock, we think about which fences will be cost effective yet strong to contain our animals, exclude wildlife, prevent trespassing, protect gardens and crops, and mark property boundaries.

HOA Fencing Along the Colorado Front Range

Are you looking for a single, reputable fencing company to replace, install, and maintain fences per your HOA’s guidelines? At Split Rail Fence and Supply Company, we offer a full range of fencing services for the Denver Metro area, as well as Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and beyond. Learn more about our process and warranties below, and be sure to download our free guide, Homeowners Associations: We Streamline the Process!

Commercial Fence Projects

Perimeter fences in commercial areas are often the first thing employees and clients notice about your business. They’re also passed in and out of hundreds of times a day, so their appearance and functionality are, even if only subconsciously, direct reflections on your operations. As such, commercial fence installation requires significant planning, precision, and care. Because of this, you’ll want to partner with a fencing contractor who has a well-established reputation and ample experience with large-scale safety fencing installation. Below are a few industries that benefit from commercial fences, all of which we have experience servicing.

Things to Do Along the Colorado Front Range

Colorado’s front range is an outdoors man’s paradise and a brew-lover’s bliss. With iconic hikes, nationally-renowned breweries, breathtaking mountain views, delicious dining, and of course a famously friendly culture, it’s little wonder that our state is a favorite destination for visitors and a source of pride for natives like ourselves. From Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, check out our favorite things to do along the front range. 

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