Commercial Fence Projects

Commercial Fence ProjectsPerimeter fences in commercial areas are often the first thing employees and clients notice about your business. They’re also passed in and out of hundreds of times a day, so their appearance and functionality are, even if only subconsciously, direct reflections on your operations. As such, commercial fence installation requires significant planning, precision, and care. Because of this, you’ll want to partner with a fencing contractor who has a well-established reputation and ample experience with large-scale safety fencing installation. Below are a few industries that benefit from commercial fences, all of which we have experience servicing.

Things to Do Along the Colorado Front Range

Things to Do Along the Colorado Front RangeColorado’s front range is an outdoors man’s paradise and a brew-lover’s bliss. With iconic hikes, nationally-renowned breweries, breathtaking mountain views, delicious dining, and of course a famously friendly culture, it’s little wonder that our state is a favorite destination for visitors and a source of pride for natives like ourselves. From Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, check out our favorite things to do along the front range. 

Should I Decorate My Fence for the Holidays?

Should I Decorate My Fence for the Holidays?Thinking of creating your own version of the Denver Zoo Lights in your yard this year? Any time after Thanksgiving (and for some of us after Halloween) is fair game for expressing your Christmas spirit, and of course that extends beyond your indoor space and encompasses your lawn. Fences are like beautiful, built-in scaffolding to support and show off your holiday spirit. Here are our favorite holiday decorating ideas for every style of fence, along with do’s and don’t for safety.

Vinyl Privacy Fences for the Gateway Community

Privacy Fences for the Gateway CommunityThe next time you’re out and about, take a look around you, and you’ll notice that vinyl fencing is everywhere. From Windsor to Johnstown, Highlands Ranch to Broomfield, Arvada to Lakewood, Green Valley Ranch to the new Gateway Community, and all the way down to Colorado Springs, new developers and residential homeowners all across the front range are installing vinyl fences. Today, we’ll take a look at why vinyl fencing has become so popular in the Denver area and beyond.

The Newest and Upcoming Colorado Springs Neighborhoods

The Newest and Upcoming Colorado Springs NeighborhoodsThere’s a reason Colorado natives are proud of their home state, and Colorado’s popularity is only increasing. Our state continues to gain tens of thousands of residents annually. Perhaps this influx also contributes to Colorado Springs’ seven-year-high for economic growth in 2017. Today, we’ll tour some of the most attractive up and coming neighborhoods that are emerging in Colorado Springs to accommodate our state’s excellent growth rates.

Are You Looking for Fence Installation in Colorado?

Our Service Areas

Split Rail Fence & Supply Company has showrooms located in Littleton and Dacono, but we serve clients in multiple locations all across Colorado’s front range. Our service areas span from Colorado Springs to the Wyoming border and from Deer Trail to Bailey. In between, we have clients in Monument, Larkspur, Elbert, Kiowa, Elizabeth, Lakewood, Pine Junction, Bennett, Morrison, Thornton, Boulder, Fort Lupton, Lyons, Greeley, Laporte, Nunn, Wellington, Colorado Springs, and many others.

What to Know About Concrete Fences in Colorado Springs

For more than forty years, Split Rail Fence and Supply Company has made a name for itself as one of the largest fencing retailers, wholesalers, and contractors across Colorado’s front range. With yards in both Littleton and Dacono, we provide locals with a massive inventory of fencing options and proudly service all clients from residential areas to commercial businesses, HOAs, and developers. Now, we’re excited to announce that we have a dedicated representative to bring the best fencing services to the Colorado Springs area.

The Fence That Adds the Most Value to Your Colorado Springs Home

When considering which type of fence adds the most value to your Colorado Springs, CO home, it’s smart to start by defining whose value. For instance, the fence that makes your home more universally attractive for resale may not be the fence that brings you value for your forever home. It’s important to distinguish between these two considerations since sometimes generic advice may not accurately address individual desires. Today’s blog will focus on fences that add higher resale value.

How to Keep Your Fence Fresh All Year Long

Protect Your Fence from the Elements

Most damage to your Colorado Springs, CO fence occurs through long durations of exposure to the elements. Every fence will eventually deteriorate, but there’s a lot you can do to slow this process . Since damage from moisture is one of the biggest villains, an easy way to protect your fence is to make sure your sprinklers aren’t hitting it. Situate sprinkler heads far enough away from your fence to prevent moisture exposure, and be sure to check their watering radius every so often to make sure your fence isn’t being exposed.

Choosing the Right Height for Your Fence: What You Need to Know

In order to select the right fence height for your Colorado Springs, CO home, it’s essential to first consider the purpose of your fence. Are you installing a fence to give your dogs a designated area to expend their energy, to provide a safe play area for children, to screen your yard from passersby, to contribute to your home’s curb appeal, to protect your property with extra security, or to meet your local HOA standards? Each purpose has its own needs, including material, location, and height. Today, we’ll take a look at the optimal fence height for each individual need.

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