10 Fencing Ideas for Your Colorado Springs Fence 💭

Fences serve multiple functional and decorative purposes for property owners on the Colorado Front Range. Not only do they visually complement your home and landscape, but they also create a tangible boundary that delineates your property and creates a barrier for children, pets, and passersby.

Although fences share common purposes, you also have numerous options when it comes to the fencing styles and materials from which you can choose—and how you use them.

A Vast Variety of Vinyl Fence Styles

When most people think of vinyl fences, they likely picture only one product. But in recent years, industry leading manufacturers have made great strides in producing a vast variety of vinyl fence styles and colors, all with the durability, cost effectiveness, and nearly maintenance-free benefits that homeowners have come to associate with high-quality vinyl. Just like the clothes you wear, the vinyl fence style and color you choose for your home reflects your personality, so be sure to entertain all your options before making a decision.

Horizontal Cedar: The Newest Trend in Fencing

Horizontal cedar is the latest fencing design trend, and there’s a good reason for its rapid (and still growing) spike in popularity. When you look at galleries featuring this fencing, it’s easy to see why. The look is at once sharp, minimalistic, modern, clean, and warm.

Should I Decorate My Fence for the Holidays?

Thinking of creating your own version of the Denver Zoo Lights in your yard this year? Any time after Thanksgiving (and for some of us after Halloween) is fair game for expressing your Christmas spirit, and of course that extends beyond your indoor space and encompasses your lawn. Fences are like beautiful, built-in scaffolding to support and show off your holiday spirit. Here are our favorite holiday decorating ideas for every style of fence, along with do’s and don’t for safety.