Choosing the Right Height for Your Fence: What You Need to Know

In order to select the right fence height for your Colorado Springs, CO home, it’s essential to first consider the purpose of your fence. Are you installing a fence to give your dogs a designated area to expend their energy, to provide a safe play area for children, to screen your yard from passersby, to contribute to your home’s curb appeal, to protect your property with extra security, or to meet your local HOA standards? Each purpose has its own needs, including material, location, and height. Today, we’ll take a look at the optimal fence height for each individual need.


If your primary purpose in installing a fence is to provide your dogs with an open area to run and play, your primary consideration in selecting a fence height should be how high they can jump. It may seem counterintuitive, but the size of a dog does not necessarily equate to the size of fence that they can scale. Be sure to research your dog’s breed to see how high they are able to jump.

(We also caution pet owners against installing chain link fences. While they may seem like a cost-effective solution for fencing in your yard, many dogs are climbers and can easily scale even high chain link fences. In addition, higher fences of sturdier materials offer your dogs extra protection in an area like Colorado Springs, which is so close to wild animals like coyotes and bears. Bear in mind that higher fences with pickets that are close together also keep your dogs from becoming overly excited and prone to bark because outside stimulants will be less visible.)

Here's more on how to choose the right fence type for your pets.

Play Area for Children

It goes without saying that higher fences provide better protection for your children, not only because they keep your children from easily scrambling over them, but also because they keep your child’s play area less visible and accessible to the outside world. Remember that fence height considerations for outdoor play areas also apply to gate height considerations. In other words, don’t install a high fence and then compromise your security by installing a shorter gate.

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Privacy and Security

Your home’s privacy and security are of course increased with higher fences because height disincentivizes passersby from peeking in and intruders from entering your home and yard. Be sure to complement the security that comes from your fence’s height with some of 2018’s best home security technology.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one area in which you may want a shorter fence. Because your fence’s primary purpose is to enhance your landscaping and exterior home finishes, you’ll still want these attractions readily visible from the sidewalk and street. This is particularly true for resale purposes, where you want to attract potential buyers with an open view of your home.


If you live in an HOA, your fence selection will likely be dictated by your HOA--this includes material, location, and height considerations. Be sure to check your HOA’s requirements before contacting your fence installation company. Whatever your need, we look forward to assisting you!