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Property gates installation & repair in Colorado Springs, Denver, and throughout the Colorado Frontrange.

Fence & Driveway Gates

Entry gates are an effective way to keep your property private and secure while still being easily accessible for those who live there. At Split Rail Fence, we offer fence gates for both residential and commercial properties. We also offer the option of installing automatic driveway gates for residential properties. 

As these additions to your property can vary in material and design, so too can their production time for custom fabrication. When performing our free estimates, our representatives take that into consideration as well for your convenience and clarification on the time frame for your project installation.

Gates FAQs

Does a gate increase property value?
In short, yes, for both aesthetic and security reasons. Gates add to a home’s curb appeal, for one, due to the luxurious appearance they add to a property. But due to the added security factors, home buyers are willing to pay more for homes with gates too, and sometimes you can even receive insurance savings from having a gate on your property!

Why get an automatic driveway gate?

Those who have a gated driveway understand what a pain getting out of the car to open gates manually can be, especially during cold Colorado winters! 

Automatic gate operators offer unparalleled convenience. As this option can be more costly, our representatives are happy to discuss further details involved to better identify what works best for your property’s needs.

What does a driveway gate cost?

The cost of your driveway gate will vary according to which type of gate you are looking for. In particular, automatic gates can range between $10-$15k. Based on material type and custom fabrication, we suggest including this question in your free estimate appointment to gain better clarification for your budget. Learn more about automatic gate types and cost »


What is the best material for gates? 

The main choices for driveway gate material are vinyl, wood, iron, aluminum, and steel. But metal materials are more popular due to their durability and lack of necessary maintenance.

The best material for your fence gate, on the other hand, simply depends on what material you use for your fence. Having a strong foundation in place to support a gate system is key to installing this option. If you are unsure which fencing material to use, download our Fence Types Guide.

What are the different types of automatic driveway gates?

Most gates are:

  • Flat-top gates
  • Arched-top gates
  • Flat-top or arched gates with finials