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Wood fence installation & repair in Colorado Springs, Denver, and throughout the Front range.

Cedar Fencing

Here at Split Rail Fence, we've chosen to work with Grade One Western Red Cedar rather than other types of wood because it is extremely durable. The natural oils found in cedar make it largely resistant to weather damage and insect attacks. Whereas most types of wood warp and shrink over time, cedar retains its original form throughout its lifespan.

Cedar is affordable to purchase and quick to install. It’s also easy to repair since cedar is a popular fencing material and will always be available on the market, unlike other types of fencing that might go in and out of style. It’s also a great option for families who want visual privacy as well as security for children and pets. 

Cedar Fence Maintenance

Are cedar fences treated?

Your cedar fence comes untreated. To limit water absorption into your cedar fence, use a wood sealer to treat the pickets and posts. This will prevent rotting. Stain your fence to minimize sun damage and make your fence last longer.

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How many years does a cedar fence last?
Treated and stained cedar fences can last for over 40 years. Untreated cedar fences will last between 15 - 30 years, but they will start to grey after as little as 6 weeks if left unpainted or unstained. Learn more about how to care for cedar fencing.
What is the best wood fencing material?

Because of the natural oils they contain, cedar and cypress woods are best for fences. Their natural oils enhance durability in the harsh Colorado Front Range climate.  Learn more about the best wood fencing materials.

Cedar Fence Styles

A cedar fence is an excellent choice for your backyard, home or garden. Consider its longevity; the natural oils in cedar make the wood naturally resistant to decay and insect attacks which increases its durability without the use of chemical treatments.

Cedar is one of the most stable woods available and will stay straight and warp very little through its life time. Is it any wonder cedar fences are one of the most popular fence types we install and repair? 

Whether you're looking for a privacy fence, a backyard fence option that keeps your children and/or pets safe and sound, or a 3-rail cement fence, we can recommend an option for your unique residential fencing needs.