Colorado Springs Fencing Company Installs Free Fence for Scammed Couple

For Split Rail Fence, the professional mantra has always been, “People first.” The Colorado fencing company prioritizes the needs of locals along the Colorado Front Range – even when they’re not customers.

Split Rail Fence recently reaffirmed their professional dedication to homeowners in the region by taking care of a Denver couple who was scammed by an unreputable Denver fence company. According to Russell Haythorn with The Denver Channel’s Contact 7, Audrey and Russell Rooney had contracted with Elcar Fence and Supply Company of Denver to install a fence on the south side of their property. The couple had previously worked with Elcar to install a similar wrought iron fence around their yard on the north side of their driveway a few years ago.

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The new fence was “supposed to go from 6 feet tall in the back and then taper down as it got closer to the road,” Russell Rooney told Haythorn.

The couple sent Elcar a check for $1,250 as a down payment in August 2018, and Elcar cashed the check immediately, according to the Rooneys. However, the work was never done. According to Contact 7’s reporting, Elcar initially informed the Rooneys that the company was waiting on materials before they could start on the project. Eventually, Elcar stopped responding or providing communication altogether, the Rooneys told Haythorn.

“I’m in the business of construction, and if you don’t honor your commitment, your word is your bond, you know,” Russell Rooney states in the article.


Out of Business?

As of May 29, the Better Business Bureau had given Elcar a rating of ‘F’ on their website. Prior to that, the company was listed as ‘Out of Business’ on the BBB website, even though the company’s website and phone number were still active. Contact 7 also visited Elcar’s offices on South Valentia Street but no one was around and there was a noticeable lack of new fencing supplies and materials. Neighbors across the street – who asked not to go on camera – reported they had not seen Elcar’s work crews traveling to or from the site for months.

The Rooneys expressed their frustration, unsure whether Elcar is truly out of business or if they’re simply defrauding people, as Contact 7 has fielded several similar complaints from others about the fence company.

“Give me my money back,” Audrey Rooney stated to Haythorn. “That’s all I ask.”


Taking Care of the Community

Split Rail Fence didn’t wait long before stepping in to right the situation for the defrauded couple. A follow-up report by The Denver Channel shows Melissa Arain, with Split Rail Fence, and General Manager Joshua Johnson meeting with the Rooneys and offering to install the long-overdue fence themselves, free of charge.

“I don’t like to see our industry affected by something like this,” Johnson stated in the report. “There’s so much going on in this world right now, that when I can do something to help someone out, it just feels really good.”

Johnson sees the Colorado Front Range as a “booming” area with plenty of economic opportunity, which is why he and his team are committed to providing the best customer service they can to help sustain their industry. He stated it’s important the public understands that within the fencing industry, “not all of us are bad.”

“We’re here to take care of people,” Johnson told Haythorn.


Split Rail's Mission

A commitment to serving the community is nothing new for Split Rail Fence. Since 1974, the fence company has completed residential fencing projects for numerous clients across Denver, Colorado Springs, and the entire Front Range. Split Rail Fence offers a variety of fence types, offering styles and materials for every need and preference. Residential customers can receive a free on-site estimate for their fencing installation or repairs.

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