Commercial Fence Projects

Perimeter fences in commercial areas are often the first thing employees and clients notice about your business. They’re also passed in and out of hundreds of times a day, so their appearance and functionality are, even if only subconsciously, direct reflections on your operations. As such, commercial fence installation requires significant planning, precision, and care. Because of this, you’ll want to partner with a fencing contractor who has a well-established reputation and ample experience with large-scale safety fencing installation. Below are a few industries that benefit from commercial fences, all of which we have experience servicing.

Military / DOS / GSA

Safety and security are especially essential for military, Department of State, and General Services Administration facilities. Split Rail Fence is adept at installing security fencing and anti-ram barriers to protect against potential vehicle threats, and we assure compliance with all government requirements.

Multi-Family Homes, Apartments, and Condos

Ornamental iron fences with automated gates are also a wonderful way to keep your tenants safe and secure in industrial rental areas. It goes without saying that such an addition also adds property value to your apartments. Our automated fence installation in the Denver metro area in Rino Block 23 is the perfect example of how ornamental iron fences with automated gates protect and add sophistication to your property.


Commercial area-pools are expected to have fences to ensure safety for residents. Our fences meet code requirements, such as having egress gates in case of emergency. We can install commercial fences with FOB entry, key card, and keypad entry systems.

Golf Courses

Like pools, golf courses benefit from fencing protection to keep your well-manicured lawns safe from trespassers and casual visitors. Split Rail Fence is adept at installing swing gates and gate automation systems to go along with your golf course fencing.


Whether you need security for prisons, water treatment facilities, or municipalities of any kind, Split Rail has the appropriate materials and qualifications to install fencing, barriers, and gates to meet regulations and code requirements.

Public Accommodations and Schools

More and more, safe fencing is also considered a must for schools, public parks, sports stadiums, etc., and here again, Split Rail Fence has the experience, licenses, etc. to make sure your facilities both beautiful and secure.


We also offer barriers, security fences, and bollards for government and private energy facilities to ensure that your operations are not exposed to the public but rather are accessible to the appropriate personnel.


Many commercial businesses benefit from well-curated fences that highlight landscaping and facilities, giving customers an excellent first impression. We provide security and privacy fencing, hand railing, and swing, slide and automated gates to meet your business needs.

Data Centers

Data centers are especially in need of excellent security. Let us install crash-rated fencing and security gates to add an extra layer of physical protection to protect your data center.

Automated Gates

Privacy, security, and safety are primary considerations for every commercial vertical, be it business, government agency, municipality, or other. We specialize in custom building gates with Fortress Interlocks’ materials because, like Split Rail Fence and Supply Company, Fortress has over 40 years of experience. You can trust Fortress to design and manufacture high-quality access and control systems, and you can trust Split Rail to install them.