Horizontal Cedar: The Newest Trend in Fencing

Horizontal cedar is the latest fencing design trend, and there’s a good reason for its rapid (and still growing) spike in popularity. When you look at galleries featuring this fencing, it’s easy to see why. The look is at once sharp, minimalistic, modern, clean, and warm.

What We Love About Cedar Fences

Even before horizontal cedar fencing became an option, cedar was one of the most popular fencing materials on the market because it lends a warm, natural charm to any yard, and it is extremely durable. The natural oils in cedar protect it from weather damage and insects. These oils also make treating cedar fences unnecessary, making them the perfect option for families, especially those with young children and/or outdoor pets, who prefer to avoid synthetic materials. Additionally, whereas many types of wood will warp and shrink over time, cedar tends to retain its original shape.

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Why Horizontal Cedar Fences are Even More Structurally Sound than Vertical Cedar Fences

Structurally speaking, horizontal cedar fences are even more stable than their vertical counterparts. Why is this? For one thing, their posts are placed six rather than eight feet apart, which increases their structural integrity and makes them able to withstand higher wind velocity, heavier snow storms, etc. At Split Rail Fence, we stay current on the latest fencing technologies, and we’ve even begun installing postmasters, which are protective cases for the base of wooden fence posts that guard wood from bacteria and rot induced by soil exposure. This, in turn, lengthens cedar’s already phenomenal lifespan.

The Beauty of Horizontal Cedar

Aside from their structural integrity, horizontal cedar fences boast incomparable beauty. Their lines are fresh and modern and provide a warm balance to yards with concrete patios. Additionally, vertical pickets are strategically placed to cover seams. This gives the entire fence an extremely natural and classy appeal. Horizontal cedar fences even visually expand the square footage of your lawn because the direction of their lines makes everything around them appear more expansive.

If you’d like to see what a horizontal cedar fence can add to your own home, visit our Northern showroom in Dacono or our Southern showroom in Littleton to view samples. You can also contact us to schedule an on-site visit where we will discuss your project.


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