The Fence That Adds the Most Value to Your Colorado Springs Home

When considering which type of fence adds the most value to your Colorado Springs, CO home, it’s smart to start by defining whose value. For instance, the fence that makes your home more universally attractive for resale may not be the fence that brings you value for your forever home. It’s important to distinguish between these two considerations since sometimes generic advice may not accurately address individual desires. Today’s blog will focus on fences that add higher resale value.

The Appropriate Fence for the Appropriate Place

The right fence will always add value to your home, and the right fence is the appropriate fence. The value of a fence is most appreciated and recognized when it corresponds well with its location. For example, one way to begin your research on which fence will add the highest value to your home is to take a drive around your neighborhood.

Notice which fence types are most popular and which fence types have recently been installed. For instance, one trend we’ve seen on the rise lately is horizontal cedar fences, which have become quite popular in tv home shows and residential neighborhoods alike. Additionally, be sure to consider which fences fit naturally into your neighborhood's character and topography.

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Narrow Your Considerations

Now that you have a broad view of which fences fit best in your neighborhood, it’s time to think about which fence will fit best with your particular property. For instance, homes with wrought iron and picket fences in their front yards are able to better capitalize on their curb appeal because they have the potential to highlight a well manicured and landscaped lawn as well as exterior home finishes, lending your home an inviting and charmingly classic ambiance.

In the backyard, you’ll want to think about which fences tie in well with your overall design, which encompasses decking, gardening, seating areas, fire pits, outdoor food areas, and any other designated spaces and styles your home and yard already have in place.

Neighbor to Neighbor

As you entertain various fencing options for your particular home, don’t forget to add your particular neighbors into the equation. For example, if you’d rather screen your yard from their activities, dogs, or a lawn that isn’t as well curated as your own, you’ll do better with a fence that provides a visual barrier. If, on the other hand, you and your neighbor have similar habits and similar lawns, you may get more out of a fence that allows the eye to travel in one long line across a beautiful green space. Selecting the right fence often means evaluating how closely your lawn use and your neighbors’ use of their lawns are aligned.

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Closing Thoughts

Finally, remember that, even if you already have the right style of fence for your neighborhood, home, and neighborly relations, you’ll also need to evaluate that fence’s condition. If your fence is compromised through long exposure to weather and wear, it’s time to contact your local fencing contractor and ask them to either repair or replace it. Ultimately, any fence that is good quality and in good condition will add value to your home.

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