What to Know About Concrete Fences in Colorado Springs

For more than forty years, Split Rail Fence and Supply Company has made a name for itself as one of the largest fencing retailers, wholesalers, and contractors across Colorado’s front range. With yards in both Littleton and Dacono, we provide locals with a massive inventory of fencing options and proudly service all clients from residential areas to commercial businesses, HOAs, and developers. Now, we’re excited to announce that we have a dedicated representative to bring the best fencing services to the Colorado Springs area.

Our Offerings

At Split Rail Fence, everything is our specialty. Just as we service a vast variety of locations and customer needs, we also offer a variety of fence heights and materials, including: cedar and horizontal cedar, Trex, vinyl, ornamental iron, chain link, split rail, masonry, SimTek, concrete and, of course, gates (both automated and non-automated) to go with them. If you’re in the process of selecting the right fencing material for your needs, you can download our free eBook, which introduces popular fencing materials and how to properly care for them. Today, we’ll talk about one of our specialties that not every fencing contractor offers: concrete.

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Why Concrete

Many people are unaware that concrete fences are one of the most cost-effective fencing options over the lifetime of a fence. Concrete fences are made from steel reinforced concrete that is textured to resemble wood (three rail) or stone (full wall). Unlike wood, concrete fences don’t warp, splinter, or rot, which means they require very little maintenance while also looking at home in backyards, subdivisions, and golf courses.

After installation, fences are coated with sealants that protect them from moisture. Additionally, concrete is resistant to chipping, cracking, and breaking. To clean concrete fences of dirt and debris, simply spray them with a garden hose. For tougher stains, you may follow these simple care instructions.

At Split Rail Fence, we install three-rail concrete fences, which are excellent for high wind areas, as well as full-wall concrete fences from the industry leader StoneTree Concrete Fence Systems. StroneTree offers a variety of fence heights between three and eight feet, with fence heights outside this range available as custom offerings.

Beyond these benefits, our concrete fences are eco-friendly since they are not made from artificial materials and since they do not require deforestation. Did we mention that full-wall concrete fences act as excellent sound barriers? If you’re located near a noisy freeway or intersection, or if you’d love to create a little sanctuary in your backyard that’s insulated from your more exuberant neighbors, a concrete fence is likely your best bet.

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Our Difference

Over the last forty plus years of providing high-quality fences for Colorado’s front range all the way from the Wyoming border to Colorado Springs, we’ve learned a thing or two, and our professional partnerships are testimonies to that fact. We’re proud to be affiliated American Fence Association, Apartment Association of Metro Denver, Better Business Bureau Denver/Boulder, and HBA of Metro Denver. Of course, our client testimonials speak the loudest. We look forward to discussing our options for concrete fences in Colorado Springs and bringing our expertise to your installation.

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