Why Homeowners Should Be On Premise During Fencing Estimates

Many of our customers ask us whether they need to be at home when we make our on-site visit to give a fencing estimate. The answer is you’ll want to be. Not only will you get a more accurate estimate if we can walk your grounds together and speak with you in person, but you’ll also be sure you’ve selected the fence you want, and you may even end up with extra benefits you didn’t foresee. Here’s why it’s smart to be on site during estimates. 

Placing Your Fence and Gates

First and foremost, showing us around your yard ensures that we’re on the same page when it comes to fence and gate placements. While you may know exactly what you want and where you want it, it may be less apparent to us, and we care about getting it right. If you’re on site with us, you’ll also be able to tell us which trees, bushes, dirt banks, sheds, or gardens you’d like our team to protect or remove during installation.

Finding the Right Fence Style

Some homeowners may know what type of fence they want before they contact a contractor; others may want to consult with their contractor to discover all their options; still others may not know they want something different until they see it. Meeting with us on premise allows you to make sure you know all your options before you commit to any fence material or style.

As an example, our six-foot privacy fence now comes in a variety of styles, and we’d like the chance to show all our customers the variety of our offerings so that they can enjoy their fence for years to come. Once you’ve selected your fence style, we can also discuss whether you’d like your fence painted or stained (provided these adjustments accord with HOA restrictions, zoning laws, easements, etc.).

Offering Discounts

You may not be aware that we offer select discounts, such as military, senior, and new home buyer discounts. If you aren’t home at the time of our estimate, our representatives may not be able to discover whether they’re able to offer you a price cut on your new fence.


Fielding Questions

What are the different height and finish options for my fence? How do I care for it once it’s installed? Will sun or inclement weather damage it? How detrimental is water to my fence? WDownload Fence Maintenance Guidehat is its estimated lifespan? Everyone has questions on their new fence, and we’d love to answer yours before we even install it.


Building Relationships

Most importantly, we want to know our customers, and we’d like for you to know us. We care about the quality of our work, and we care about our products. Because of this, it’s our goal to build long-term relationships in our community so that we can serve you or your neighbors whenever you have a fencing need.

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