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Get fencing installation services around Colorado Springs and throughout the entire Front Range. 

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Fencing in Denver

Get fencing installation services throughout Denver and surrounding areas. Want to DIY? Pick up your fencing supplies and do it yourself.

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What to Expect - Residential Fence Installation Process


Step #1:

Get Your Estimate

Request an Estimate: Simply fill out this form and you will be contacted by our scheduling team to set up an onsite estimate with our sales reps.

On Site-Estimate Performed: During your free, on-site estimate, your dedicated sales rep will walk your property and provide the cost to install your new fence.

Step #2:

Signed Agreement

You, the homeowner, will sign the proposal received during your on-site estimate and send it back to your dedicated sales rep. Upon receipt, they will submit your project work order, gather a deposit and all documents for the fence design, and submit the scope of work to be fulfilled by our installation team.

Step #3: 

Work Order Pending

For now, your part of the process is complete. From here your dedicated sales rep will submit your order to the Project Coordinator, who will enter the order into our system and call for utility locates, check for city permits and submit necessary documentation. Once this is done, she will pass it off to the general project manager.

Step #4: 

Work Order Approval

The General Manager will approve the order of pricing and material and will order any additional fencing material if required. Once the order is approved it heads to scheduling.



Step #5:

Installation Scheduling

Now that your fencing project is approved by all governing bodies, you will be contacted by our scheduling team to schedule the fence installation. Although it's preferred you are on site to answer any questions, it's no problem if you can't be home during the installation, as you are not required to be on site.


Step #6: 

Day of Install

The fence installation crew will arrive at your home to install your new fence. While we strive to arrive at the scheduled time every time, we respectfully ask for grace when our crew arrives at a different time due to unexpected delays. In general, our crews arrive in the morning between 8:00-10:00am. Once your new fence is installed, we will contact you to ensure quality and job satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long until my new fence will be installed?

Typically 1-4 weeks depending on permits, weather, and any job delays.


How much does fence installation cost?

The cost of your fence depends on the type of fence, size of your yard, and other factors within your scope of work.


How long until my new fence will be installed?

Typically 1-4 weeks depending on permits, weather, and any job delays.


Do you offer payment plans?

At this time we do not offer payment plans.


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