HOA Perimeter Fences

Split Rail Fence & Supply Company is committed to providing the best quality materials, replacement services and repairs for HOA perimeter fences.

We are the first choice for property management companies and provide fence consulting services at no cost.

If you are looking for an excellent solution for security, privacy and low maintenance products for your homeowners association, please contact us or call (720) 477-5396 for a free estimate.


HOA Perimeter Fences Project Gallery

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Split Rail Fence and their crews were professional and honored all terms of the contract, which included daily clean up of the work area and all follow up for small problems – even now – pop up for homeowners.


We are pleased to refer Split Rail Fence for any project with confidence that the job will be handled quickly and with regard for the homeowners.


Cynthia Quinlan
Crestmoor Property Management

The Saddle Ridge HOA would like to personally thank the staff at Split Rail Fence for the professional installation of the fence surrounding our pool common area. Your staff held the disruption of homeowners down to a minimum and the finished product was outstanding. We found our fence replacement experience to be very satisfying and would act as a reference at any time!


Ed Reichstein & Bob McKenna
Saddle Ridge HOA

We are delighted with the cedar fence Split Rail Fence installed for us here at Parkside! Their recommendations for design were very helpful, they were patient with our decision making process and we were pleased with the price. Despite the bad weather, the job was done promptly and the appearance of the fence is first-rate!


Stuart C. Rogers
Parkside HOA

As a Community Manager for a large HOA in Thornton, It has been my responsibility to systematically replace approximately 19,000 linier feet of wooden community fence ranging in height from four to ten feet and included over 15 neighborhood entry monuments. This project was put out to bid to a number of capable fence companies and the association looked at a number of styles and materials for the project. Split Rail Fence Company provided a broad range of reliable products with a broad range of prices per linier foot. The TREX product offered by Split Rail Fence Company was the final choice by the HOA because of the long life guarantee of the product and its’ reduced environmental footprint.


Representatives of Split rail were professional, knowledgeable and provided a competitive bid. All this combined with the positive reputation of Split Rail made the decision a comfortable one. Beginning in November of 2008, the first of four annual phases began and each phase was done in the late fall or winter of each year when plants and landscape would suffer less during the installation. Each phase of this project was expertly planned and coordinated by Split Rail its’ staff from utility locates to homeowner follow-up.

Clean up always takes place as they work and construction debris is NEVER left out overnight.


Split Rail Fence Company has made this project as invisible to the homeowners of this community as a fence replacement can be. Their service after the sale and installation is immediate but little of is needed because of the well constructed installation. Split Rail Fence Company will continue to be my vendor of choice for fence installations within the communities I manage.


Randy Dunton
Community Manager

The installation process was executed by Split Rail Fence in a professional manner, which resulted in a high quality installation. The small issues that occurred were addressed promptly and in an amicable manner by the Split Rail personnel. Although there were 12 different homeowners involved and many onlooker residents, I received not one negative comment or complaint, either before, during or after the project.


Dennis Swann
Biscayne Homeowner’s Association