SimTek Fencing

SimTek fences for residential and commercial properties are an excellent alternative to natural stone and wood fencing, because they are durable and require little to no maintenance.

SimTek fencing is an excellent option for homeowners and businesses looking for privacy, appearance, and extreme durability at a reasonable price. SimTek is the perfect material for creating a faux stone fence; you get all the beauty of natural stone and wood without any of the hassle!

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What Is SimTek Fencing?

What is SimTek fencing made of?

Though it looks like stone (or often, wood) SimTek is actually made entirely of a blend of polyethylene plastics, which is what gives it lasting color, durability, and resistance to extreme weather.

How much does SimTek fencing cost?

The cost of installing a SimTek fence depends on the size of the fence. View our Fencing Costs Guide to see approximately how much your project would cost.

How long does SimTek fencing last?

The Simtek fencing supplier we partner with, CertainTeed, offers a 25 year warranty on their fences. Learn more about their SimTek warranty.

How durable is SimTek fencing?

SimTek is unaffected by most weather conditions. It is resistant to water, common chemicals, can withstand extreme cold and heat, and even impact by things such as flying rocks and weed eaters. This is the fence we recommend to homeowners in windy areas. Furthermore, SimTek is resistant to graffiti and most paints.

How do you maintain SimTek fencing?

There is very little that goes into maintaining a SimTek fence. Algae and moss deposits can simply be pressure-washed away. View our Guide to Fence Maintenance to learn more.

What are the different styles of SimTek fencing?

The SimTek fencing we install is faux stone fence panels, which comes in various styles and colors, as seen in this slideshow. It is important to keep in mind that SimTek fencing panels will not evenly follow slopes; it is a step level fence.


When Is SimTex the Best Fence Material to Use?

SimTex Fencing, a composite of polyethylene plastics, is known as a durable alternative to wood and stone fences and maintains the refined appearance of its counterparts.

Is it often chosen over vinyl fencing because it is as durable and maintenance free as vinyl, but can be used to achieve a more refined appearance. Extruded/SimTek Fencing does cost more per linear linear foot than vinyl or cedar.

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