What’s the Safest Fence Type for Your Family?

What’s the Safest Fence Type for Your Family?If you have young children and/or pets in your family, you’ll want a fence. Not only will a fence serve as a safeguard during playtime to prevent young ones from wandering, but it’ll also protect them from prying eyes and give you peace of mind. Here are our expert tips for fence selections along the Front Range that will help keep your family safe at all times.  

Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Fence Along the Front Range

Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Fence Along the Front RangeJust as with other home improvement projects like remodeling and landscaping, there’s a lot that can go wrong with a fence installation if you jump in unprepared. While the budget needed for a fence installation is relatively modest compared with other home investments, nobody wants to spend more money and time than is necessary. Knowing these common mistakes will help you get it right the first time when building a fence for your Colorado property.

Can Fences Be Installed All Year Round?

Because outdoor home improvements such as landscaping and repainting your home’s exterior require warm weather, there’s a common presupposition that fences can only be installed in late spring, summer, or early fall. In reality, however, in-demand fence contractors install year-round. In fact, there are multiple benefits for you as a homeowner when you install early. These include:

The Homeowner's Guide to Split Rail Fencing

The Homeowners Guide to Split Rail FencingGiven that it’s our namesake, we at Split Rail Fence & Supply Company have a definite affinity for this classic fence construction. Split rail fencing is a design that was adapted from early American wood zigzagging fences. They rose in popularity as a practical way to efficiently establish property lines around extensive farmland; now, however, this fencing design is as much of a stylistic statement in residential areas as it is an oft-used option for farmers.

Does My Family Need a Privacy Fence?

Whether introverted or extroverted, all of us need a place where we can retreat and recharge, a place where we don’t have to always be “on.” We know this intuitively. It is why we create a personalized space where we can share a meal with family, watch a favorite film with close friends, or just wear yoga pants on a Saturday morning. In a word, it is why we treasure the concept of home.

Choosing the Right Fence for Your Pet

As all dog owners know, exercise is potentially the biggest factor in keeping your dog happy and well-behaved. While not all of us have time to take our dogs on five-mile runs every day, we do have the option to build a fence where our dogs can run and play. Naturally, there are several safety considerations that go along with leaving your dog unattended in your yard. Today, let’s talk about the safest type of fence for your pet.

The Homeowner's Guide to Vinyl Fencing

At Split Rail Fence & Supply Company, we boast the most extensive collection of vinyl fences in the Denver metro area, and if you take a walk around your block, you’ll likely see why: vinyl has become one of the most popular fencing materials on the market. If you’re wondering whether vinyl is right for you, then read on—here’s what you need to know about vinyl.

Why Homeowners Should Be On Premise During Fencing Estimates

Why Homeowners Should Be On Premise During Fencing EstimatesMany of our customers ask us whether they need to be at home when we make our on-site visit to give a fencing estimate. The answer is you’ll want to be. Not only will you get a more accurate estimate if we can walk your grounds together and speak with you in person, but you’ll also be sure you’ve selected the fence you want, and you may even end up with extra benefits you didn’t foresee. Here’s why it’s smart to be on site during estimates. 

The Homeowner’s Guide to Fencing Around Your Pool

The Homeowner’s Guide to Fencing_Around_Your_PoolAlthough you may not have consciously known it, you’ve probably noticed that virtually all pools are surrounded by fences. This makes sense for commercial and public pools, which are legally obligated to install fences for safety reasons, but should homeowners be just as quick to adopt fencing as a norm for their residential pools? If so, are there certain kinds of fences that it makes more sense to install than others?

Can My Fence Withstand Colorado's High Winds?

During this time of year in the Denver Metro area, gusty winds are to be expected. Of course, this means that older or already partially dilapidated fences are highly susceptible to damage or to collapsing entirely. For homeowners who wish to replace their fences, the primary question of concern is: “Will my new fence withstand the next bout of high winds?” The answer is that it depends on the contractor and the fence type you choose.

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