The Homeowner's Guide to Vinyl Fencing

At Split Rail Fence & Supply Company, we boast the most extensive collection of vinyl fences in the Denver metro area, and if you take a walk around your block, you’ll likely see why: vinyl has become one of the most popular fencing materials on the market. If you’re wondering whether vinyl is right for you, then read on—here’s what you need to know about vinyl.

Why Homeowners Should Be On Premise During Fencing Estimates

Why Homeowners Should Be On Premise During Fencing EstimatesMany of our customers ask us whether they need to be at home when we make our on-site visit to give a fencing estimate. The answer is you’ll want to be. Not only will you get a more accurate estimate if we can walk your grounds together and speak with you in person, but you’ll also be sure you’ve selected the fence you want, and you may even end up with extra benefits you didn’t foresee. Here’s why it’s smart to be on site during estimates. 

The Homeowner’s Guide to Fencing Around Your Pool

Although you may not have consciously known it, you’ve probably noticed that virtually all pools are surrounded by fences. This makes sense for commercial and public pools, which are legally obligated to install fences for safety reasons, but should homeowners be just as quick to adopt fencing as a norm for their residential pools? If so, are there certain kinds of fences that it makes more sense to install than others?

Can My Fence Withstand Colorado's High Winds?

During this time of year in the Denver Metro area, gusty winds are to be expected. Of course, this means that older or already partially dilapidated fences are highly susceptible to damage or to collapsing entirely. For homeowners who wish to replace their fences, the primary question of concern is: “Will my new fence withstand the next bout of high winds?” The answer is that it depends on the contractor and the fence type you choose.

5 Tips for Hiring a Fence Contractor

1. Ascertain Whether They Carry Your Preferred Product

It may sound obvious, but the first question you should ask any potential fence contractor is whether or not they carry your preferred fencing material. Many fencing companies specialize in just one product type or just one service sector (commercial, residential, HOA, etc.).

Horizontal Cedar: The Newest Trend in Fencing

Horizontal cedar is the latest fencing design trend, and there’s a good reason for its rapid (and still growing) spike in popularity. When you look at galleries featuring this fencing, it’s easy to see why. The look is at once sharp, minimalistic, modern, clean, and warm.

7 Reasons to Build a Fence for Your Family

1. Child Safety

One of the top reasons homeowners choose to install fences is to keep their children safe. There’s no better feeling than allowing your children to explore the outdoors without having to worry about keeping them from running into a street, talking with strangers, etc. With a fence in your yard, you can create a controlled environment where your children can safely play while you have time to attend to your own to-do list.

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Denver Fence

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Denver FenceWhat Should I Do to Ensure a Strong Fence?

Like any other feature in your home or yard, your fence requires maintenance. You may not know, however, that ensuring a healthy fence depends largely on preventive rather than corrective care, regardless of your fence type (rail, chain link, Trex, ornamental iron, vinyl, masonry, or natural cedar). What does preventive fence care involve?

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