5 Tips for Hiring a Fence Contractor

1. Ascertain Whether They Carry Your Preferred Product

It may sound obvious, but the first question you should ask any potential fence contractor is whether or not they carry your preferred fencing material. Many fencing companies specialize in just one product type or just one service sector (commercial, residential, HOA, etc.).

A fencing company that carries a variety of products and serves in a variety of settings is more likely to also have the requisite experience to meet your individual needs, be that split rail fence for farm or charm, chain link fence for a commercial business, or an HOA-approved vinyl fence in a specific color built to particular height.

2. Choose a Company Whose Pricing Doesn’t Change

Next, choose a company whose contract price won’t change. Again, this sounds like it should be a given, but many companies actually bill separately for consultations, materials, labor, tax, paperwork and permits, etc. At Split Rail Fence & Supply Company, our pricing structure is a la carte to allow you to customize your purchase to match your needs, and, once set, our quote won’t change. A company that can’t guarantee a price up front may not necessarily be trying to scam you, but they certainly can’t give you peace of mind or allow you to budget cleanly.

3. Find out How Their Hardware Holds Up and Ask About Warranties

Quality should be your next concern. Is your fencing contractor able to stand behind manufacturer warranties for their products? Are they able to offer a standard, one-year warranty on labor? If so, you’ve likely found a trustworthy contractor.

As you ask about what kind of warranty your contractor can offer, also ask about the products they use. For instance, companies who use cutting-edge products with proven resilience are likely to care about how their fence holds up in the long-run rather than making a quick buck. Specific hardware to ask about includes galvanized nails and Postmasters (concealed containers that wrap around the portion of the fence post that’s underground to guard it from bacteria and oxygenation).

4. Discover Who Their Partners Are

Just like you can discover a lot about a person by getting to know their friends, you can also learn a lot about a company by researching their professional affiliations. At Split Rail Fence & Supply Company, we’re proud to be affiliated with American Fence Association, Apartment Association of Metro Denver, Better Business Bureau Denver/Boulder, and HBA of Metro Denver. We’re also the preferred vendor for The Home Depot—one of the nation’s most trusted home improvement providers.

5. Look at Their History

Finally, nothing says more about a contractor than the duration of their service in their local community. Split Rail Fence & Supply Company has served Denver, CO, and it surrounding area since 1974. We’ve earned a reputation as one of the Rocky Mountain region’s largest fencing retailers, wholesalers, and contractors. Over the years, we’ve expanded our company to include two show rooms, one in Littleton, CO, and the other in Dacono, CO. Our physical expansion reflects our expansive offerings and ability to meet the unique needs of a diverse client-base. A fencing contractor with an established history of caring for the community has by definition established a reputation as a contractor you can feel confident hiring.