A Vast Variety of Vinyl Fence Styles

When most people think of vinyl fences, they likely picture only one product. But in recent years, industry leading manufacturers have made great strides in producing a vast variety of vinyl fence styles and colors, all with the durability, cost effectiveness, and nearly maintenance-free benefits that homeowners have come to associate with high-quality vinyl. Just like the clothes you wear, the vinyl fence style and color you choose for your home reflects your personality, so be sure to entertain all your options before making a decision.

Six Styling Options from CertainTeed

At Split Rail Fence and Supply Company, we take time to get to know various fencing manufacturers so we are sure to select only the highest-quality materials. This is evinced through our vinyl fence options: Bufftech and SimTek, both of which are partners with America’s leading manufacturer of building products--CertainTeed.

Recently, CertainTeed released an article featuring six unique styling options for vinyl fences. These include fence trim like Bufftech’s Chesterfield smooth fence with a lattice accent; concave and convex fence tops; stone and stucco look-alike fences; post caps with different shapes (some of which even come with inbuilt solar lighting); designer touches like arbors; and of course an extensive selection of colors and textures.

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BuffTech Options

BuffTech fences are high-performing and are covered through multiple warranties. BuffTech private and semi-private fences (their other products include arbors and gates) are anywhere from three to eight feet in height, come in both solid and wood blend colors, and can be customized with smooth, wood grain, and stucco finishes. BuffTech fences may also be fitted with solar lights and a variety of post cap styles.Download Which Fence is Right for Me?

SimTek Options

We also carry SimTek fences. For those who are unfamiliar with SimTek fences, they are made using polyethylene plastic, with posts and panels reinforced with galvanized steel. They also have a patented, rotationally-molded design that creates a stone look-alike appearance. SimTek fences may also be crafted to create a wood look-alike appearance, giving homeowners the virtually maintenance-free benefits of vinyl with a charmingly traditional appeal. SimTek fences are fade resistant, have superior wind ratings, offer solid privacy and security, act as great sound barriers, and are durable in any temperature.

In addition to their durable construction and creative appearance, SimTek fences and gates come in a variety of options: they are available at any height from three to eight feet, come in granite and wood blend colors, may have stone and wood grain finishes, and can be outfitted with a variety of post caps.

Choosing Your Fence

Whether you opt for a BuffTech fence or a SimTek fence, CertainTeed ensures you’re in good hands. And with so many styling options, there’s sure to be a fence that meets your needs. Feel free to contact us today to discuss our offerings and receive more information on our vinyl fence products.
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