Does My Family Need a Privacy Fence?

Whether introverted or extroverted, all of us need a place where we can retreat and recharge, a place where we don’t have to always be “on.” We know this intuitively. It is why we create a personalized space where we can share a meal with family, watch a favorite film with close friends, or just wear yoga pants on a Saturday morning. In a word, it is why we treasure the concept of home.

What we don’t realize instinctively is that our yards are extensions of our homes, and as such, we get much more use and enjoyment out of them when they’re private. Here are six practical reasons your family can benefit from installing a privacy fence in your Denver, CO, yard.

Keeping What’s Outside Out and What’s Inside In

Nobody likes the feeling of being watched. Perhaps the first and most obvious reason to get a privacy fence is that it screens your yard and outdoor activities from overly inquisitive passersby, keeping them both visually and physically out of your personal space. Of course, this goes both ways—by installing a privacy fence, you’ll also give your children and pets a safe space to play without the temptation of kids wandering or dogs chasing after cars.

Protection from Natural Elements

Beyond protection from people and motor vehicles, a privacy fence shelters your yard from suffering damage from massive windstorms. If you want to grow a flower or vegetable garden, it can also provide a conducive environment for growing plants that flourish with partial shade rather than full sun, as well as a structural support for your honeysuckle, wisteria, and clematis.

Establishing Property Lines

Wanting to know where boundary lines are is not a petty preoccupation. We all play better when we know the rules, and it’s no different when it comes to establishing your own property line. Even if you and your neighbors get along well, there’s always a chance that dynamic will shift when a new neighbor moves in. When that happens, it’s always nice to know where you (and they) can plant shrubs, start a rock garden, mow and water the lawn, and let the dog do its business.

Adding Visual Appeal

Beyond these practicalities, fences can greatly enhance your home’s visual appeal. Fences have a rustic charm that can take your landscaping efforts to the next level, making your yard look and feel well-curated.

Raising Home Value

Perhaps the most practical reason to install a privacy fence in your yard is to raise your home’s overall fiscal value. Fenced-in yards are always attractive to buyers, especially those who have young children or pets. Even if you don’t plan to sell immediately, installing a fence is a smart long-term investment.

Gaining Peace of Mind

All of these reasons to install a privacy fence have one thing in common: they increase your peace of mind, which in turn will make you want to spend more time outdoors. Your privacy fence gives you a peaceful place to host private dinner parties, bask in the sunshine, and—best of all—study nature while remaining unstudied yourself.