5 Ways to Prepare Your Yard Before New Fence Installation

If you’ve scheduled to have a new fence installed on your property, you probably feel a strong sense of anticipation about getting the work done and being able to enjoy how the structure creates a natural extension of your home.

Between selecting a fence installation company for the project and getting the fence installed, however, there is still work to be done to help the process go smoothly and efficiently.

Ways to Prepare Your Yard Before New Fence Installation


Preparing for Your Fence Installation

Based on their ample experience installing residential fences throughout the Colorado Front Range area, your fencing company will be well prepared for executing the installation, from acquiring the right permits to bringing all the necessary equipment. Before your crew arrives, though, it’s important you do your part in getting your yard ready, clearly marking boundaries and mitigating obstacles that could interfere with the project. Here are a few ways you can prepare your outdoor spaces for your new fence installation:


1. Confirm Your Property Line

If the purpose of your new fence is to create a boundary around your yard, one of the first steps is identifying your property line and clearly marking it. Don’t guess where the border might be, but double check with your local city or county planning and zoning authority, public records, or documents pertaining to your plat. Your fence company can also guide you through this process or may handle it for an additional fee.


2. Mark Out Locates

Whether you are installing the fence around your property, a pool, a garden, or another section of your yard, you need to locate where sewage lines and water pipes are running underground so the installation crew doesn’t accidentally hit them when digging holes for the fence posts. Contact the utility providers for your area to get locate reports for your property, or ask your fencing company if they prefer to handle the request themselves. Regardless of who obtains the data, it is legally required you do so before beginning the installation.


3. Clean Up Your Yard

Chances are, your yard is already in good shape if you give it regular maintenance. However, before your crew arrives, make sure you’ve cleared stray debris or other miscellaneous items off the ground that could interfere with the work. Walk around the area marked out for the fence line and remove tree stumps, large rocks, weeds, low-hanging branches, and other obstacles. Also be aware of any major slopes or sharp grades that could affect the materials needed for your fence.


4. Remove Decorations

If you have movable lawn furniture, flower pots, children’s play equipment, and other decorative items in your yard, it’s best to relocate them to a spot where they will be completely out of the way of your fence installation crew. This also ensures these valuable items aren’t at risk of getting accidentally damaged. When it comes to neatly landscaped areas and fixed yard decorations and structures, block them off or cover them with tarps for protection.


5. Identify Off-Limit Areas

Your crew will need access to different areas on your property to transport materials and equipment, travel back and forth to their truck, and install your new fencing. If there are certain areas of your property that you would prefer remain inaccessible, make sure you have clearly marked or identified them with warning signs or other indicators. The same goes for anywhere on your property that could be potentially hazardous to someone unfamiliar with the surroundings.


6. Alert Your Neighbors

If you share a boundary with neighbors, it is a good idea to alert them of your plans as soon as possible and tell them what type of fence you're installing. Give them the anticipated date of the installation so they can be prepared and know to keep their pets and small children inside while the crew is working.


Collaborating With Your Fence Installers

Preparing for a smooth, efficient fence installation requires a bit of work from both you as the property owner and your fence installation company. During your free in-home consultation with Split Rail Fence Company, we will discuss your expectations and vision for the project, in addition to walking you through the best ways to prepare your property before our crew arrives to install your new fence.

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