Vinyl Privacy Fences for the Gateway Community

The next time you’re out and about, take a look around you, and you’ll notice that vinyl fencing is everywhere. From Windsor to Johnstown, Highlands Ranch to Broomfield, Arvada to Lakewood, Green Valley Ranch to the new Gateway Community, and all the way down to Colorado Springs, new developers and residential homeowners all across the front range are installing vinyl fences. Today, we’ll take a look at why vinyl fencing has become so popular in the Denver area and beyond.

Why Vinyl?

One of the reasons vinyl fencing has become so popular is that it’s a great way to create visual privacy with an extremely clean and pleasing appearance. Vinyl is priced comparably to wood fences, making it an affordable option with a more modern aesthetic. Vinyl fencing is made from recycled plastics, combined with other strengthening materials, so not only do you get a sturdy and beautiful product, but you also get one that’s environmentally friendly.


Beyond this, vinyl fencing is an excellent option for new developments because it requires relatively little maintenance. Vinyl fencing does not warp, rot, chip, peel, or splinter, and it’s resistant to insect damage. All of these qualities make vinyl easy to maintain and safe for families with young children and pets. Vinyl is non-toxic and smooth, so it’s a great play barrier that also offers visual protection and privacy.


When vinyl fencing becomes dirty over the course of time, it’s easy to clean by simply wiping it with a washcloth soaked in warm water and a gentle soap. Our vinyl fencing is colored so that, whether you get a white fence, an almond fence, or another color, you won’t need to repaint it because the pigments permeate all the way through each picket rather than simply coating their surfaces. Beyond this, vinyl fencing is actually self-extinguishing, so in areas like Colorado that experience wildfires more frequently than elsewhere in the States, this feature offers extra protection.


One thing to consider with vinyl fencing is that it can be affected by hail damage. Keep in mind, however, that at Split Rail Fence and Supply Company, we stand by our manufacturer’s warranties, which you can read more about on the Bufftech website. At a glance, this includes a: lifetime limited warranty, transferable warranty, parts warranty, dark color fade warranty, and more.

We choose to partner with Bufftech as our vinyl fence provider because they design their fences the right way: with high-quality raw materials, steel reinforced railings, heavyweight pickets, routed rails and fence posts, and concealed fasteners.

Our Vinyl Options

We offer the most extensive selection of vinyl fences in the Denver Metro area. We carry a variety of vinyl fencing colors, styles, and heights, and we’re eager to talk to you about our selection, pricing, and installation/repair offerings, as well as why vinyl may be the right option for your development.


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