Ornamental Iron Fence Installation & Repair


About Ornamental Iron Fence

Ornamental iron fences are a classic and modern way to fence in property lines, driveways, patios, and swimming pools. They can be installed for both residential and commercial properties.

An ornamental iron fence displays your property’s focal points in an elegant fashion and shows off your beautiful, maintained landscapes and well-manicured lawns! Along with the many ornamental iron fence styles we offer, we can also help to supply gates to match your design with hardware.

Compare fencing types to find out if ornamental iron fencing is right for you.

Key Features of Ornamental Iron:

      - Virtually maintenance free
      - Long lasting
      - Extremely durable to weather
      - Doesn’t rot, dry out, or warp
      - High visibility through spacing
      - Elegant style

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Ornamental Fence Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ornamental iron fence?

Ornamental iron fences are fences made from steel that is strong but easy to manipulate. This is why it is great for making gorgeous, sturdy fences with intricate, curved designs.

How much does ornamental iron fencing cost?

Due to the quality of the material and the difficulty of its production process, iron fencing is more expensive than wood or vinyl fencing. Installation costs tend to be a bit higher as well. But it’s cheaper than wrought iron, which is a similar alternative.

Download our fencing cost guide to learn more.

How do you take care of ornamental iron fencing?

Iron fences are durable, so there is little maintenance required. Keep in mind, rust spots and chipped paint flaws are common over time. We recommend performing an annual inspection to ensure a long lasting iron fence We also recommend that you repaint the fence every decade to protect against harsh Colorado weather.

Types of Iron Fencing

There are countless design possibilities for your wrought iron fence. It should be noted, there are two common, distinct types of materials for iron fencing: wrought iron and ornamental iron.


Wrought Iron vs. Ornamental Iron Fencing

In brief, the difference between these two types of iron fencing is the quality of the construction. Wrought iron fences are made of raw iron and often have more intricate workmanship. Ornamental iron is actually made of steel and has a more uniform look. Ornamental iron tends to be cheaper and require less maintenance.