Split Rail Fence Supply & Company – Now Serves More CO Areas!

There’s no question that Colorado is a popular place to live. In fact, according to worldpopulationreview.com, we live in the second-fastest growing state in the United States. Much of that growth has taken place along Colorado's Front Range.  People living here know that part of the attraction is the interaction residents have with wildlife and easy access to a variety of outdoor activities. That means the need for protective (and attractive) fencing has grown with the population. We're pleased to say that the Split Rail Fence & Supply Company now serves more Colorado areas than ever before!

Expanding Services to New Areas

For more than 40 years we’ve been meeting the residential and commercial fencing needs of communities along the Front Range—working with homeowners, business owners and Home Owner Associations to deliver quality fencing design, installation, and repair. And while we’ve been well known in the northern part of the Front Range, we’ve also been expanding our services south along the I-25 corridor to include locations such as Castle Rock (80104/80108), Elizabeth (80107), Franktown (80116), Monument (80132), and Glen Eagle (80921).

Residents in the Colorado Springs area have been discovering our quality work and service as well (by the way, here’s a look at some of the newest, upcoming Colorado Springs neighborhoods).

Why Work With A Fence Installation Professional?

Your fence is an extension of your home and your property. You’ll want to work with a company who will give your new fence the attention it deserves. That begins with evaluating your needs and talking with you about the best materials to meet your needs, whether it's decorative fencing that complies with your HOA's guidelines or fencing that is wildlife-friendly. A trusted professional can help you evaluate which materials will hold up best—and not cut corners when it comes to hardware and installation.

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Choosing the Right Contractor

Getting the right materials for the kind of fence you want is important, but selecting the right company to install your fence is absolutely critical. There are a lot of companies who install fences as a side service—it’s not their major focus. There are also a lot of companies that spring up and offer cheap fencing when you are in a bind before disappearing forever. If your home's property value is important to you, you’ll want to use a fencing company that’s been around for years—and will be here long after your fence is installed.

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What else should you consider when choosing a contractor? Here’s a helpful post that looks at 5 tips for hiring the right fence contractor. Perhaps the best thing you can do when it comes to choosing your fence contractor is to listen to what past clients have to say about their experience. We invite you to check out our client list and to read their testimonials.

Of course, it’s helpful to actually see the work done by any fencing contractor you’re considering. Click here for a look at a number of projects we’ve done along the Front Range. And if you have specific questions, we’d be delighted to address any issues pertaining to the kind of fence you’re considering. Talk to us about your questions and concerns and we’ll get you the answers you need!