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About Fence Installation & Fence Maintenance

Fence Installation FAQs

How much does a 100-foot fence cost?

The cost of your new fence depends on several factors including:

  • Type of fencing material
  • Fence height
  • Scope of installation services

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What should I do with my dogs?

For fence projects that can be completed in one day, we recommend you leave your pets inside. For larger scale fencing projects that will take more than one day, we do offer a free dog kennel/ temporary dog run setup that can be coordinated during your on-site estimate with your dedicated sales rep.

How long does it take to install a new fence?

Your new fence should be fully installed in one to three days, depending on the amount of fencing being installed.

For shorter fence runs of about 50 feet, the install should only take about four to six hours.


Do I have to be present during the installation?

You are not required to be on-site during the fence installation, but if at all possible we prefer that a homeowner is present in the event that the install crew has any questions or if there are any design changes.
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How long will it take before the fence crew comes to install my new fence?

The entire fence installation process — from the moment you request an estimate to the moment the last picket is set — will take one to four weeks.

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What should I do to prepare my yard?

Depending on your landscaping, you may need to: 

  1. Pull back rocks about 1-2 feet from fence line.
  2. Cover shrubs and bushes with a tarp.

Best Fence Type FAQs

What is the most durable type of fence?

Synthetic and metal fences are the most durable including:

What is the cheapest type of fence?

Chain link fencing is the cheapest type fencing material, but if you are looking for something more aesthetically pleasing without breaking the bank, Split Rail Fencing and Cedar Fencing are other affordable options.

What is the best material for a privacy fence?

We typically recommend vinyl fencing for privacy fencing for these reasons.

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Fence Maintenance FAQs

Do you paint or stain wooden fences?

We do not offer fence painting or fence staining service, but we do have experts who we can refer.

Learn about the difference between painting and staining a wood fence.

How should I clean my fence?

To make your fence last longer, be sure to properly clean it regularly. There is a different cleaning method for each type of fence, so be sure to download our Guide to Fence Maintenance for specific cleaning tips by material type.

Can I power wash my vinyl fence?

You can indeed power wash your vinyl fence if the dirt build up is too thick for cleaning by hand. Since it is inevitable for dirt and grime to build up on your fence over time, it is important to clean it with soap and water regularly.

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